Early Childhood PreK3–Kindergarten (Montessori)

Our Pre-Kindergarten 3 through Kindergarten community learns through a Maria Montessori model, where students study concepts from interacting within their environment and specializing educational materials.  With the support of Montessori Trained Teacher referred to as a “Guide” she/he assists children to begin building the foundation for practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language arts, science, cultural, arts, music, Spanish, religion and problem solving in a stimulating environment that cultivates their natural desire to learn.  In this small nurturing environment our children excel intellectually, grow spiritually, and mature socially.

In the early childhood development program children also attend weekly lessons in Spanish, music, art, physical education and media classes. Field trips  are incorporated as well to nurture, encourage and support each student to explore, observe and discover the world around them.